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Experienced Representation In Real Estate Law

For investors in commercial and residential real estate, it’s crucial to perform research when considering purchasing or selling property. Inspections must be made, agreements negotiated and contracts reviewed. Ideally, you have a good grasp of the details. However, sometimes, uncertainties arise. This is when you need the services of a skilled real estate attorney.

Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC, in Parsippany, New Jersey, has decades of experience representing investors in the northern part of our state. Knowledgeable, seasoned and a skilled advocate, we focus on results for our clients. We guide them in several areas in real estate, helping from inception to completion.

What Should I Look For In A Real Estate Attorney In New Jersey?

Whether you are buying, selling or even facing eminent domain action, you need an experienced lawyer with a deep knowledge of local regulations in New Jersey. Every state sets its own real estate laws and applies them in different ways. Your attorney must understand the intricacies of the process and the legal specifics that apply to your case.

That’s exactly what you get at Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC. We have decades of experience, so we know how to navigate this process like few do. We are seasoned negotiators, which is exactly what you need when fighting for just compensation or navigating a complex, high-value transaction. We use our knowledge to answer your questions about zoning regulations, purchase agreements, development regulations and more.

At the same time, we use our aggressive mindset and vast experience to defend your rights and work toward an optimal outcome. We are dependable, trustworthy and dedicated to our clients.

When Can New Jersey Use Eminent Domain To Take A Property?

The taking powers of state officials are governed by the New Jersey Eminent Domain Act (NJEDA). As in other states, the government can only take property for specific purposes – often those that have a public benefit – and must provide just compensation.

For example, eminent domain powers are sometimes used when constructing public works, like a new interstate or a public rail line. In some cases, the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law also allows for land to be taken for housing projects, although reforms over the years have made this less common since condemnation – the taking process itself – is not always required.

The main requirement is that the government demonstrates a valid reason to take the land and shows why doing so would be beneficial for the public at large. This is to prevent government officials from using eminent domains for personal benefit. There must be a great enough benefit to the other citizens in New Jersey to justify taking legal property from a landowner against their will.

Answering Your Real Estate-Related Questions

A strong attorney with business savvy can help you in all matters dealing with real estate. We have guided clients in areas such as:

  • Purchase and sale of commercial properties: We conduct research and review, and negotiate contracts.
  • Purchase and sales agreements: We review contracts and settle disputes.
  • Commercial leases: We help entrepreneurs secure a rental property for their companies, working out detailed agreements with landlords.
  • Purchase and sale of residential properties: This includes representing buyers and sellers. We address matters such as single-family housing, contract reviews, inspections, negotiations and closings.
  • Litigation: Our skills have helped clients in legal matters related to zoning, foreclosures, breaches of contract and construction defects.

Our clients also benefit from our skill as solid relationship builders. For example, we have maintained strong relationships with commercial and residential realtors throughout the years.

Call A Well-Respected Litigator And Negotiator

Hundreds of investor clients turn to Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC, in Parsippany, New Jersey, when seeking advice on real estate matters. We have represented commercial and residential investors looking to purchase or sell properties and business owners set up lease agreements. As experienced litigators, we will advocate for you.

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