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Business Construction And Real Estate Development

When your complex commercial construction project or land development plan needs a construction lawyer to provide legal support and assistance, our real estate development attorneys at Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC have several decades of experience. Located in Parsippany, we represent clients throughout north and central New Jersey with legal services for commercial real estate development and business construction projects.

Commercial Real Estate Law Transactional Services

As a commercial real estate lawyers and a business law-focused firm, our real estate attorneys have a depth of knowledge of the many complicated legal aspects related to real estate and commercial building projects. They assist commercial clients with the following:

  • The negotiation and preparation of contracts and agreements related to real estate development, renovation and construction
  • Provide legal assistance and support if and when delays, defects and mechanics liens become necessary
  • Facilitate project support with necessary contracts for materials, suppliers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors
  • Facilitate the approval process with local municipalities for land use permissions and ensure compliance with zoning requirements

As seasoned litigators, our commercial real estate attorneys can also provide legal strategies and support beyond the day-to-day transactions involved with real estate development projects.

Commercial And Construction Disputes And Litigation

With so many aspects to complicated and complex construction projects, disputes and conflicts will naturally arise. Our commercial lawyers are fierce negotiators and experienced litigators. In addition to the everyday construction transactions, they also provide legal guidance and litigation support to resolve conflicts and disputes such as:

  • Resolve conflicts with respect to contracts and agreements
  • Pursue necessary legal action when there are defects or delays
  • Assist with collections with instances of nonpayment
  • Negotiate with insurance companies as necessary

Their priority is to effectively and efficiently resolve disputes as timely as possible. From land use and zoning challenges to contract disputes to defective products and services, they will propose legal strategies to protect your profit margin and keep your construction plan on track.

Whether your case is deferred to mediation or arbitration, or it proceeds to the New Jersey court system, they will support and protect your legal interests from litigation through to an appellate proceeding if necessary.

Consult With A Construction Lawyer

Our commercial real estate lawyers and construction law attorneys are available for consultation appointments. These initial consultations are offered free of charge.

To schedule your appointment, send an inquiry using our online form or call the firm’s Parsippany office at 973-335-3131.