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When Your Company Needs A Business Law Or Commercial Litigator

When you need a business law attorney to assist with the startup of your new company or protect your rights during a contract dispute, you can turn to our commercial lawyers at Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC. Based in Parsippany, our legal team has several decades of combined experience providing legal support and assistance to startups, business entities and corporations in north and central New Jersey.

Creating Your Business Entity, Startup Assistance And Compliance Support

As you investigate the steps to turn your dream of a business into a reality, there can be an overwhelming amount of options, all with different tax implications and compliance requirements. As your business begins to operate, new commercial challenges can easily arise. We assist and support companies and corporations with the following:

  • Business formation and choosing a compatible corporate structure for your business goals
  • Creating partnership agreements and providing assistance with business operation contracts
  • Obtaining appropriate and necessary licensing and compliance documentation
  • Negotiating and drafting operating agreements and contracts between vendors or suppliers
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements and commercial real estate purchases

Contracts and agreements are drafted to anticipate potential problems and challenges that could occur down the road, but they can’t cover every possible scenario. If partnership disputes evolve, contracts need to be enforced, or vendor and supplier problems develop, our legal team of commercial lawyers will protect your legal interests and rights.

Commercial Law And Litigation: Navigating Business Conflicts

Over the course of doing business, conflicts will inevitably arise. Our commercial lawyers go above and beyond offering initial startup support and transactional assistance. As seasoned negotiators and litigators, our corporate lawyers can also help your business entity navigate conflicts, negotiate settlements and protect your business strategies and interests in court when necessary.

From litigation to appeal, your company will have full and complete support and advocacy until the conflict is resolved fully and to the best of our ability. It doesn’t always make sense for a business to staff an in-house lawyer, but we will provide the same dedicated legal services and support whenever your corporate entity needs that safeguard and protection.

Consult A Business Law Attorney Today

At Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio, our attorneys are available for an initial consultation appointment, free of charge. To schedule your initial consultation, call our office at 973-335-3131 or send us an email using our firm’s online form. We look forward to telling you more about how we can help you create your startup and protect your corporate entity’s legal interests.