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Municipal Law And Zoning Approval For Commercial Real Estate Development

Commercial construction projects and real estate development plans often require special permissions and zoning approval, contracts or permits from municipalities. With an office in Parsippany, our municipal lawyers have been negotiating with municipalities, zoning boards and government entities throughout northern and central New Jersey for several decades.

When your construction project or development goals need approvals and permits from local municipalities, Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC has an established network of resources and can assist.

When Do Commercial Development Projects Require Municipal Approval?

Municipalities are local cities, boroughs, towns, townships or villages in New Jersey that oversee local affairs and infrastructure. Their councils enact rules, by-laws, ordinances and regulations relating to welfare of the municipality.

They have the authority to establish zoning and land use laws to govern the residential, industrial or commercial development within the community. Municipalities can:

  • Prohibit the size, height and number of floors in a building
  • Require floodplain designations and setback distances
  • Dictate parking availability, open space provisions and required signage

Municipalities also set forth environmental provisions and noise limits. With any commercial real estate development or construction project, it is critical to comply with all municipal zoning and land use requirements and obtain the necessary permits and approvals well in advance of commencing with a real estate development project or a commercial construction project.

Eminent Domain Proceedings And Litigation

Eminent domain gives the government power to appropriate and convert private property for public use. Typically, the government exercises its power for eminent domain for public use to expand or create highways, to build or create a network for resources like water or oil, or to build a public building.

In the state of New Jersey, when the government attempts to seize private land for public use, there are specific requirements. Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC assists and defends clients who wish to prevent the government from taking their private property.

Consult With A Municipal Law Or Eminent Domain Attorney

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