The Landscape Is Changing

At Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC, we know the landscape of commercial real estate is changing. This creates opportunities for developers and owners. We can help you get your projects going and assist you with business needs along the way.

Trusted Experience In Commercial Real Estate Projects

The attorneys at Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC know what it takes to get the job done. We’ve built a reputation on getting things done. This earns us referral business. Referrals mean people trust us to do right by their friends and families. We work on projects large and small and everything in between. Call us to discuss your development project.

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We Make Commercial Project Approvals Go More Smoothly

We Make Commercial Project Approvals Go More Smoothly

People come to us with an idea of what kind of commercial project they want approved. Experience means we can identify the approvals and variances needed for zoning and land use. Having experience means we can make the process better. We provide speed and accuracy for clients because delays are costly. We also know who’s on the board and how they like things done. We give clients realistic expectations and will adjust the project, if needed, for a smooth process for everyone involved. We will also go to court to enforce your rights as property owners.

Strong Litigators For Business Owners’ Issues

Being in business means occasional bumps in the road. Our attorneys help entrepreneurs with business challenges such as:

  • Formation questions and assistance
  • Partnership disputes
  • Licensing and compliance needs
  • Vendor and supplier problems
  • Commercial leases and building purchases

We’re also real estate lawyers who assist with building projects, buy and sell agreements, closings and more for multi-unit buildings as well as single family homes.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With Professionals

We are ready to discuss your legal challenges. Call our office in Parsippany at 973.814.3214, or you can email us to get started. Garofalo O'Neill Ruggierio LLC is northern New Jersey’s go-to firm for commercial real estate needs.